Our exceptional quality vintage is hand picked by us from around the world, with one-off finds sourced from the most stylish cities in Europe, to across the pond in the US and even iconic pieces from right here in the UK.
All of our clothing is vintage and each listing is a one-off, so, unfortunately, we only have the size stated online.
No, we only buy and sell stock from our suppliers around the world.
We offer student discount of 10% in store, however we unfortunately are unable to offer student discount online. We do however ensure our prices are highly competitive within the industry, ensuring that students are catered for.
The majority of our vintage items are used items and subsequently will not all be perfect. We endeavour to pick items in the best condition during our selection process and examine each item in detail to check the quality. We use the following categories, Great - The item may appear slightly worn, slightly faded or have a minor flaw in an un-obvious place. It is considered very wearable as is. Good - The item appears worn and may have signs of fading, a minor flaw or have a discrete repair. Flaws may be outlined in the garment description. Fair - The item will appear worn and may have visible flaws. The item is still considered wearable and desirable. The fault may be outlined in the garment description.